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Bee and wasp control is serious business

All types of bees and wasps can be dangerous especially if you are allergic to their venom as 1 bite can be deadly. There is a difference between bees and wasps so being allergic to one doesn’t mean you’re allergic to the other though many species will sting repeatedly and multiple stings can pose a health threat even when you’re not allergic.


Not sure what type of bees or wasps you have?

Bee control

There are many species of bees and wasps and some, such as Africanized bees (sometimes called killer bees) are more aggressive and quick to attack when they are disturbed. While Africanized bees are not native to the Phoenix area, they have moved in and made themselves at home.

While it’s hard to tell the species apart, we urge you to call us instead of dealing with it yourself as most species are quick to sting when agitated.


Our bee and wasp control services are divided into 2 types of treatments.

  • 1. Preventative service to keep bees and wasps from establishing and building nests on your home or property
  • 2. Reactive treatments to get rid of existing bee or wasp colonies and their active nests.


Good wasp and bee control starts with prevention

As with all pests, the best pest control starts with preventing the problem from happening in the first place and to do this we need to understand the life cycle of bees and wasps, as they are similar to each other. While workers and males die during the winter, the inseminated Queen will overwinter in a sheltered place and become active in the spring, when the weather starts warming up. She then starts looking for the perfect area to build her nest and start laying eggs.


Spring is the time for wasp and bee prevention treatments

This is why spring is the perfect time to have your home or business inspected. Our technicians will locate and remove any old nests from the previous year and apply a treatment to prevent bees and wasps from building new nests. We recommend having your home or property inspected once a year and doing this before bees and wasps become active in the spring is best.


Bee and Wasp RemovalFor your safety, call a professional for bee and wasp nest removal

If bees, hornets, yellow jackets or paper wasps have already moved in and established a nest, please do not try to remove it yourself. Depending on the species, the nest may not be easily visible but instead be concealed underground or in a wall or crawlspace; so even if you only see a swarm of bees, give us a call.


Most bees and wasps are protective of their nests and will attack if the nest is disturbed. Some will sting repeatedly and even if you are not allergic, getting stung several times is something you should avoid. The pest control technicians at Convenient Termite have many years of experience in nest removal and wear protective gear as we first spray the nest to exterminate the bees or wasps and then, remove the nest from the area.




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Why beehive removal is necessary

If you have an active bee colony, you’ll want the beehive (honeycomb) removed as the honey and dead carcasses will attract other pests (ants, cockroaches, carpet beetles) and make your pest problem worse.

If not removed, the honey breaks down and makes a terribly sticky mess as it runs down the surrounding area and eventually becomes moldy.

Getting rid of bees and wasps before anyone gets stung is a smart move

Whether or not you’re allergic to bees or wasps, it’s smart to get rid of them before there’s a trip to the emergency room or someone’s life is in danger.

Whether you want to prevent bees and wasps from building nests near your home or you already have an active nest, contact us today to help you with your pest problem.

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