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Scorpions in Chandler: Avoid Scorpion Stings with DIY Tips

Whether you’ve just moved to Chandler or have lived in Arizona most of your life, chances are you have seen scorpions up close and personal or know someone who has. As mentioned in our post last month, the Arizona Bark Scorpion has the potential for the most extreme side effects so getting to know the types…

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Scorpions in Chandler: Which Scorpions Are the Biggest Threat?

If you own a home or business in Chandler, Arizona or any of the surrounding areas you are probably not a stranger to scorpions. With a fierce look to them, these eight legged critters have pincers at the front of their bodies and a segmented tail with a stinger at the end which is used…

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Scorpions in Chandler, Gilbert & Mesa: Separating Myths from Facts

If you live in Chandler, Gilbert or Mesa you may be aware that scorpions also make their homes here and if you discover you have an infestation, you are not alone. If you’ve never seen a scorpion consider yourself lucky as they have an intimidating appearance with their long slender bodies and curled, segmented tails…

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Scorpion and Pest Control during Arizona Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is upon us and all pests from scorpions to termites to mosquitoes are taking advantage of the moisture here in Chandler, Gilbert and the surrounding areas. If you have noticed an influx of bugs lately and want to protect yourself and your home from these unwanted pests, we have a few pointers. Despite…

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