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Who Needs a Home Termite Report?

Do You Know if You Need a Home Termite Report? When buying or selling a house in Chandler or any of the surrounding cities, the phrase “termite report” or “pest inspection” almost always comes up. Due to the high rate of termite infestation in Arizona, a purchase contract should say something about acquiring a termite…

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Did You Know There Are Different Types of Termite Treatments?

Over the last decade, Chandler has shown a huge increase in home purchases and therefore, a great need for termite inspections and reports to finalize those home sales. The last thing you want when you make the huge investment to buy a home is to deal with termite infestation and the costs that go with it! That…

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Termites in Chandler: Which Termites Cause the Most Damage?

Living in Chandler, you have probably had termites, preventative termite treatment or know someone who has. This is the reality of living in Arizona where termites thrive in the same wonderful weather we all enjoy! If you suspect you have termites or have seen signs of termites, don’t panic. We are going to explain which type…

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Tips for Realtors to Receive The Best Termite Inspection

Over the past few years, real estate trends in Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa have shown a steady rise in the average sale prices according to online real estate authority, Trulia. This bodes well for sellers and realtors alike but before you make a listing official, there are some things to consider regarding termite inspections and…

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Arizona Termite Inspections & Termite Report

Arizona Termite Inspections & Termite Report Explained If you live in Mesa, Chandler or the Phoenix area and are looking to buy or sell a home then you will most likely need a termite inspection and report. There may seem like so much to do when buying or selling a home so let us help…

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Scorpion and Pest Control during Arizona Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is upon us and all pests from scorpions to termites to mosquitoes are taking advantage of the moisture here in Chandler, Gilbert and the surrounding areas. If you have noticed an influx of bugs lately and want to protect yourself and your home from these unwanted pests, we have a few pointers. Despite…

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Subterranean Termites in Arizona: Separating Myths from Facts

You’ve heard of termites but have you ever heard of subterranean termites? The name, subterranean, means existing under the ground. These wood devouring pests were given their name due to the fact that they live in contact with soil as their moisture source and put a lot of work into infesting wood above ground. Subterranean termites make…

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